From Narita Airport

JR: Take NARITA-EXPRESS to the Tokyo Central St. (1 hour)
Keisei-line: take SKY-LINER to the UENO St. (1 hour) + taxi to the univ. (5 min)
Express Bus: Airport Limousine Bus will take you either to the Tokyo St. or parhaps directly to your hotel
See the Narita Airport Transportation page

From Tokyo Central Station

Subway: Take Marunouchi-line (M17) to the Hongo-Sancho-me St. (M21) for 10 minutes + 10 minute walk from Hongo-Sancho-me St. to the Bldg.4 of the univ.
Taxi: tell "Toudai Seimon Mae" then driver will take you to the main gate of the Univ.: 15 min
See the Univ. direction page
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Campus map of the University of Tokyo, Hongo (link to UT main page)

Bldg 4. (DME) : a 15 minute walk distance from "Hongo-Sancho-me St."(M21) , less than 10 minutes from both "Toudai-Mae St. (N12) and "Nezu St. (C14).